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Some coupon sites may fail to update their discounts and deals in time. Having online stores can be much cheaper than operating actual traditional brick and mortar stores and BigCommerce is one of the companies

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Activia coupons canada

activia coupons canada

liquid. My oldest son, who is diabetic, went into Diabetic KetoAcidosis because of this stuff - vomitting, stomach cramps and extremely high ketones. I do have to admit though, it isn't the best tasting yogurt I've had. I'm throwing the rest away - telling my family to leave it alone, too. I had one for breakfast with my lowfat poptarts and found myself up in the middle of the night that night with the worst stomach cramps I've ever had and serious diareha.

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Frankly, I don't have time to sit there and wait (I'm talkin' 10 minutes at a time). Granted, I ate 3 Activia a day and then the probiotic pill (over the counter which might seem like a lot but obviously my digestive system needed the probiotics for balance after the antibiotic. Just to be sure, I waited a week, then tried one more container. The only thing that was new to my diet was the Activia and I'm a little scared to eat it again - though I'm wondering if one of the posts I read about the good bacteria pushing out the bad bateria might be right. I will never eat that junk again! I did find it helped to loosen the bowels and stop the cramping that I was experiencing. And if that's the bottom-line truth about digestion, that fat content is as important as fiber content, and you leave out the fat as with non-fat yogurt, where does that leave you? ' Mary said: 'I have gerd and I take aciphex and ranitidene for this problem and I also suffer with chronic constipation as well. It was the Activia causing me all the problems. I have never had any urgency, pain, or frequency after all these activia yogurts for so long. Maybe I'll try it again sometime.' Bunny said: 'I found Activia yogurt to be ok - but the sweetener that is in it is too much. More See more offers in Personal Care.

But in the end, no yogurt made it worse and yogurt fixes makes it all feel better.' Darla said: ' Activia yogurt may work for some but not for. It just may be that the unmitigated tart taste of Dannon regular-fat plain yogurt stimulates salivary production to begin with, at the very beginning of the digestion process.

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