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le thme. According to the aparigraha principle, a Jain monk or nun is expected to be homeless and family-less with no emotional longings or attachments. FB Live m/BeautyWorldbyNina/videos/ / #NinaBeautyWorld #LaMerOnlineTH, wird geladen. Some scholars state that the Jain portions of the Sangam literature were added about or after the 8th-century CE, and they are not the ancient layer. However, once their past karmic merit is exhausted, the souls leave the "god body" and are reborn again as humans, animals or other beings. (1998) 1979, The Jaina Path of Purification, Delhi : Motilal Banarsidass, isbn Jaini, Padmanabh.,. 12, pages 78-81 Phyllis Granoff (1992). (2002 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism: A-M, 1, The Rosen Publishing Group, isbn Lochtefeld, James. According to the vtmbara tradition of Jainism, there are five eternal substances in existence: Soul ( jiva Matter ( pudgala Space ( akasha motion ( Dharma ) and rest ( Adharma ). What are similar websites to? This is how Jains believe the Digambara and vtmbara schism began, with the former being naked while the latter wore white clothes.

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Almost all their texts have been dated to about, or after, the 11th century. 165 note 7 To this list of five, the Digambara Jain tradition adds "Time" ( kala ) as the sixth eternal substance. Amazon Promo Code: 50 Off Holiday Cards (merrycards50). However, Digambara reject this, and worship Mallinatha as a male. Each of the twenty-four tirthankara is associated with distinctive emblems, which are listed in such texts as Tiloyapannati, Kahavaali and Pravacanasaarodhara. In addition to the four passions of the mind, the remaining ten internal passions are: wrong belief, the three sex-passions (male sex-passion, female sex-passion, neuter sex-passion and the six defects (laughter, like, dislike, sorrow, fear, disgust). Beliefs and philosophy edit Main article: Jain philosophy Dravya Substance edit Main article: Dravya Chart showing the classification of dravya and astikaya The dravya in Jainism are fundamental entities, called astikaya (literally, "collection that exists. In Tapa Gacch of the modern era, the ratio of sadhvis to sadhus (nuns to monks) is about.5. (1995 "The Jain Knowledge Warehouses : Traditional Libraries in India Journal of the American Oriental Society, 115 (1 77, doi :.2307/605310, jstor 605310 Cort, John.,. Main principles edit Non-violence ( ahis ) edit Main article: Ahimsa in Jainism Painting with the message Ahis Paramo Dharma non-violence is the highest virtue or religion The hand with a wheel on the palm symbolizes Ahis in Jainism. Umsvti, Umaswami (1994 That which is (Translator: Nathmal Tatia), Rowman Littlefield, isbn Vallely, Anne (2002 Guardians of the Transcendent: An Ethnology of a Jain Ascetic Community, University of Toronto Press, isbn von Glasenapp, Helmuth (1925 Jainism: An Indian Religion of Salvation Der Jainismus: Eine Indische. Jain, Champat Rai (1929 The Practical Dharma, The Indian Press Ltd., This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain.